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How To Use A Pasta Maker

The team at Matchbox show us how to make perfect homemade pasta using their range of Pasta Makers - fresh pasta really is the only way to go!

How To Use a Hand Grater

The fabulous team from Matchbox once again show us how to use a quality kitchen gadget. This time, it's the hand grater, a versatile kitchen tool that can be used for everything from grating to zesting.

Make The Best Peppermint Ice Cream from Scratch

What better way to cool off that with some delicious homemade ice cream. The fabulous chef from Matchbox shows us how to make it from scratch.

How to Make the Most Amazing Sorbet

The fabulous Simon from Matchbox shows us how to use an ice cream maker to make an incredible sorbet - perfect for making the smoked tomato sorbet in Frank's masterclass.

Cantabrian Anchovy w/ Smoked Tomato Sorbet

The fabulous Frank Camorra is back to show us how to cook ANCHOA , one of his signature dishes, an amazing mix of textures and flavours.

Icing and Decorating Cakes

Lisa from Matchbox takes us through a range of techniques to ice and decorate a whole cake and shows us the latest in cookware to make the job easier.

Cupcake Decorating Basics

Lisa from Matchbox shows us a range of great techniques for icing cupcakes, perfect all year around, but especially at Christmas time.

How To Use A Kitchen Blowtorch

Amanda from Matchbox is back to show us how to use the suprisingly versatile blow torch in the kitchen. It has many applications, not just creme brulee!

How To Use A Potato Ricer

Amanda from Matchbox shows us how to use the versatile potato ricer, used for things such as gnocchi, and Frank's bomba.