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Pinchitos Morunos – Chargrilled Lamb Skewers

Char grilling adds a flavour unsurpassed by any cooking done over gas or electricity. The food takes on the smoky flavour of the wood from the embers. To chargrill make a decent sized fire of hardwood then let the fire die down and cook the meat over the coals. . These pinchitos are excellent straight from the grill.

How to Make the Most Amazing Sorbet

The fabulous Simon from Matchbox shows us how to use an ice cream maker to make an incredible sorbet - perfect for making the smoked tomato sorbet in Frank's masterclass.

Cantabrian Anchovy w/ Smoked Tomato Sorbet

The fabulous Frank Camorra is back to show us how to cook ANCHOA , one of his signature dishes, an amazing mix of textures and flavours.

Tuna and Piquillo Peppers Empanadillas

These little sherry pastries filled with tuna and piquillo peppers are amazing. They are a classic tapas from Spain and a great part of any meal

Catalan Potato Bomba with Chorizo

Frank Camorra from MoVida shows us how to make this amazing Catalan Potato Bombas, a tapas dish featuring lovely fluffy potato and the spicy fire of chorizo

Frank’s Conejo Agridulce – Sweet and Sour Rabbit

Frank Camorra from Movida shows us how to cook up an incredible southern Spanish style rabbit stew. Mouth watering!

Frank Camorra Tells Us All About Rabbit

Rabbit is such an amazing and underutilised meat. Frank Camorra from Movida tells us all about the versatility of rabbit and how to break it down for cooking.

Frank And Nerida Talk Trout

Smoked rainbow trout is a taste sensation. Good for you in so many ways, it is incredible on crackers on it's own or as a key ingredient in a lovely fish dish.

Starlight Foundation partners with

Starlight Children’s Foundation is very excited to be partnering with for all things food! For twenty-one years now, we have been holding our signature Starlight Five Chef Dinners around Australia, so it’s a perfect fit. Starlight Five Chefs features the best of the ...

Frank’s Smoked Rainbow Trout Terrine

This is a super easy, wonderfully versatile terrine that will impress your family & friends. Fabulous for spring carnival picnics, lunch with a salad or an entree to a special dinner.

Plus, Trout is a wonderful, sustainable food, that is both delicious AND great for your health! Enjoy!!!