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Making Wine with Stephen Webber from De Bortoli

We had the pleasure of sitting down to discuss the wine making process and the new estate range with De Bortoli wine maker Stephen Webber and Leanne De Bortoli.

Matching Food And Wine with Stu Robinson

Ever wondered what food goes with which wine? Stu from Cellarmasters is here to help us out!

Is Older Wine Necessarily Better Wine?

Does wine always improve with age? To tell us all about this, here is Stu Robinson - our resident wine-guru from Cellarmasters.

Where Have the Corks Gone?

Have you noticed the onslaught of screw caps on wine bottles these days? Have you been wondering what's going on with that?

Is Wooded Or Unwooded Wine Better?

What's the difference between a 'wooded' or an 'un-wooded' Chardonnay? Stu fills us on on this woody business.

Matching Glasses To Wines

Have you ever wondered what wine glass is best for which wine? Thankfully, Stu from Cellarmasters can give us some info on why, what, and when.

Stu Tells Us About Wine Medals

Have you wondered about wine's with medals? Does this mean that the wine is better than the non-award winning bottle next to it on the shelf?

Stu Robinson Tells Us About Rose

What is a Rose? What gives it that luscious pinky colour and taste? Luckily, we have Stu Robinson on hand to tell us all about it!

What Happened To Chablis & Moselle?

What happened to the good ol' wines... Moselle, Chablis, among others. Stu tells us what we call them now.

Bubbles, Fizz, Sparkling…

Now that the French have re-claimed 'Champagne', what do we Aussies call the lovely bubbly stuff? Stu our wine guru sorts it out for us...