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Andrew Tells Us About Prosecco

While we were at De Bortoli's stunning winery, we had a chat to Andrew, one of the talented wine-makers there, about Prosecco. It's the thing to drink at the moment.

Sparkling Wines with De Bortoli Estate

A chat with one of the wine-makers at De Bortoli winery, about some fabulous sparkling wines.

The Rose Revolution

Nerida chat with Leanne De Bortoli about Rose and the Rose Revolution, and some of the amazing wines De Bortoli is creating

Estate Grown Pinot Noir with De Bortoli

We chatted to De Bortoli winemaker Steve Webber about his Estate grown Pinot noir, and the vines rejuvenating in time for spring.

Estate Grown Chardonnay

I took a moment to chat to De Bortoli's winemaker Steve Webber - about the differences between their Estate grown Chardonnay and their single vineyard wines. What a fascinating (and talented) man Steve is.

Vinoque with Steven from DeBortoli

Stephen Webber, winemaker for DeBortoli wines, talks to us about Vinoque. It's a fascinating insight into this beautiful variety of wine.

3 Generations of De Bortoli

While we were at De Bortoli, I got to sit down with the 3 generations of De Bortoli women - Emeri, Leanne & her daughter Sally. It was so special & such a joy. They had a chat about their stunning pink bubbly - named 'Emeri'.

Talking Noble One with De Bortoli

We were fortunate enough to get a chance to talk to Joel, the winemaker at De Bortoli in Griffith, home of Noble One, the most awarded dessert wine in the world.

Nerida Chats with Leanne De Bortoli

Nerida sits down with Leanne De Bortoli to discover the origins of the amazing vineyard to the lovely wines of today.

Stephen and Leanne De Bortoli

We talk to Stephen Webber and Leanne De Bortoli about screw caps versus corks, drinking the right wine from the right glass and what temperature you should enjoy your wine at.