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How to Prepare a Lobster

Jason shows me how to humanely send a lobster off to his next life, and also how to separate the delicate lobster meat from the shell without damaging it.

Segmenting an Orange

Learn to segment an orange like a pro - with Exec Chef (and star of Channel 7's Conviction Kitchen) Ian Curley.

Massimo Mele’s Yummy Mayonnaise

Massimo Mele from the Hugo's group in Sydney and star of 'Ready Steady Cook' shows us how easy it is to make a yummy Mayonnaise.

Cracking Open A Coconut with Martin Boetz

Martin Boetz from Longrain in Sydney and Melbourne shows us how to crack open a coconut with such ease.

Ian Curley Talks Olive Oil

During our recent shot, Ian took some time to tell me all about Olive Oil. He loves the stuff, and is very particular about what kind he uses. So thanks to Cobram Estate Olive Oil, I was able to put Ian through a little blind taste test.

Everything You Want To Know About Salami

I was lucky enough to spend the evening with Heath Dumesny and Leanne De Bortoli, who gave me the low down on everything to do with salami, and the history of it within the family.

Sausage Day Preparation

Meet Harry and take a look behind the scenes, as we are all hands on deck for the beginning of sausage making day at DeBortoli.

Filleting a Kingfish from Whole

Filleting a whole kingfish might seem like a daunting task, but Stuart McVeigh from No35 at the Sofitel shows us how to do it in this amazing chef tip.

Martin Boetz Tells Us About Pork Belly

The amazing Martin Boetz from Longrain in Sydney and Melbourne in the Chef Masterclasses kitchen tells us all about pork belly and how to prepare it.

How To Use A Pasta Maker

The team at Matchbox show us how to make perfect homemade pasta using their range of Pasta Makers - fresh pasta really is the only way to go!