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How To Poach an Egg

Poached eggs are one of those things that you can get either completely right, or totally wrong. Massimo shows us the secret to the perfect poached egg. On some toast with his amazing salsa verde - it's perfect!

Amazing Scrambled Eggs

Justin showed me how to make YUMMY scrambled eggs - as opposed to mine - which you could pretty much bounce on the plate. You will NEVER go back.

Green Freekeh Salad

Martin Horsley from No35 shows us the lovely fresh salad that is the perfect accompaniment to our lamb shoulder recipe

Pineapple & Mint Crush

Martin Boetz shows us how to whip up this very quick and delicious mocktail - which of course can be easily turned into a cocktail...

Milawa Cheese Masterclass

A little while ago, we were in the King Valley at a De Bortoli vineyard. The King Valley is also the home to Milawa Cheese company. Now if you are a cheese freak like I am (I've realised that my hips are largely made of cheese), then sit back, grab a few glasses of matched De Bortoli wines, and enjoy watching this delectable cheese masterclass.

How to Confit Duck Leg

Heath Dumesny from DeBortoli shows us how to confit duck leg, part of this amazing masterclass, filmed at the stunning King Valley Winery.

Pierrick’s Amazing Lemon Curd

Pierrick Boyer shows us how to make this amazing lemon curd, that goes perfectly with our pavlova recipe!

Easy Hollandaise Sauce

While we had Matt Wilkinson in the kitchen, we asked for the easiest way to whip up a hollandaise sauce. Here's what he gave us.

How to Fillet a Flathead

The fabulous Paul Breheny from the William Angliss Institute shows us how to fillet a fish while demonstrating to his students. In this video, he uses flathead as the fish of choice, but can apply to any kind of fish.

Martin Visits Melanda Park Pig Farm

Martin Boetz took some time out from his new project, The Cook's Co-Op to visit his neighbour, Melanda Park Pig Farm, and talk about their philosophy on free range pig farming, and all things pork.