month : 12/2013 5 results

Nerida’s Pesto

In our culinary garden here at, we just harvested a huge amount of beautiful basil. I LOVE the smell (and taste) of basil and couldn't bear the thought of any of it going to waste. So I got out my food processor and made the easiest, and yummiest pesto. 2 - 3 ...

Delicious Tiramisu

Adam Mead showed us how to make his spectacular Italian Tiramisu, which is one of my all time favourites - and perfect for Christmas Day.

Amazing Baked Trout

This wonderfully light (and healthy) baked trout from Buxton trout farm in the Yara Valley, with a salad, is bursting with flavour and full of fresh, seasonal ingredients

Exploring the Deen De Bortoli Range

While we were filming at De Bortoli's winery in Griffith, I also got a chance to sit down with John, one of the winemakers there - and got him to take me through one of my favourite ranges of whites - the Deen De Bortoli range.

Patsavoura, Cherry Glyka & Mastic Ice Cream

This is Chef Travis McAuley's Patsavoura with cherry glyka with mastic ice cream, which Travis made using beautiful fresh Farmpride Free range eggs.